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Kericho Specialty Tea

Kericho Specialty Tea

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Choose from a wide variety of Kericho Specialty Teas

Blackcurrant Tea: A classic fruit infusion full fragrance, tangy, jammy created from aromatic currants.

Earl Grey Tea: A top-of-the-tier timeless classic, famously highbrow and high grown, with a touch of aromatic bergamot to add a refined tart citrus taste to this dark full bodied – leaf tea with bergamot overtones.

English Breakfast: Traditional pure Kenya tea, perfectly rounded living character & aroma.

Ginger and Lemon: Warm, spicy ginger blended with the fresh, zesty taste of lemons

Lemon and Lime Tea: A reviving blend of zesty lemons with a tangy, slightly sweet taste is beautifully fused with the mildly sour but refined flavour of lime.

Orange Spice Tea: The sweet, juicy Orange flavour deliciously mixed with a touch cinnamon for an aromatic experience.v

Raspberry Tea: A blend of fresh sweet tart red raspberries making a pleasingly light and fragrant tea

Spiced Tea: Fresh oriental spices, herby-sweet aromas, balanced with rich blend of black tea

Strawberry and Vanilla: Luxurious flavours of fresh, juicy strawberry and rich creamy vanilla.

Sweet Peppermint Tea: Refreshing peppermint for an uplifting and refreshing herbal tea experience sweetened with liquorice.

Sweet Camomile: mildly bittersweet, flowery taste and its ability to soothe and calm the body and mind

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