About Coffee

  • The first cup of coffee

    The First Cup.
  • Coffee varieties and their origin

  • Love Letter to Ethiopia

    Coffee professionals share their love for ethiopian coffee.

    Top grade Yirgacheffe coffees share many characteristics with the best
    Sidama coffees. Fruit flavors, a bright acidity, and a silky mouthfeel are some
    of its hallmarks.
  • The Origin of Coffee

    According to Ethiopia’s ancient history, an Abyssinian goatherd, Kaldi, who lived around AD 850, discovered coffee. He observed his goats prancing ...
  • Coffee Processing

    Ethiopia is home to large quantities of coffee in both of the world’s two major production styles: Sun-dried natural, and fully washed. Certain pro...
  • Characteristics

    The most important thing to remember about Ethiopian coffee is that Ethiopia is the Motherland of all arabica coffee. In a certain sense, all arabi...