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Finest Cup is a Canadian Specialty Coffee Wholesaler and Retailer exclusively focused on Ethiopian Specialty Coffees. 

Why Ethiopian Coffee

The Origin of Coffee

Ethiopia is the Motherland of all arabica coffee. In a certain sense, all arabica coffee is Ethiopian, whether it is grown in Latin America or Indonesia or on a hillside in Sidama.

Best place to grow Coffee

Coffee has been growing in Ethiopia for thousands of years, in the forests of southeastern Ethiopia. It is perfectly adapted to the climate.

More varieties

There are hundreds of heirloom varietals, in many cases, farmers grow their own unique heirloom varietals, the majority of which grow nowhere else in the world. A great many of them have not even been classified.

All about Coffee

Coffee varieties and their origin

Coffee varieties and their origin

Love Letter to Ethiopia

Love Letter to Ethiopia

Coffee professionals share their love for ethiopian coffee.


Top grade Yirgacheffe coffees share many characteristics with the best
Sidama coffees. Fruit flavors, a bright acidity, and a silky mouthfeel are some
of its hallmarks.

Specialty Ethiopian Coffee

the finest coffee beans on earth!

Roast and Brew your own coffee

it will be the best thing you have ever tasted